NameGame IDInternalExternalBD-MirrorDirect BootEbootfixFirmware4GB+ GameExternal CacheDisclessUpdatesDLCSize (GB)NotesTrueBlueDEX BDEMU
Kane & Lynch: Dead MenBLES00167
 ?Yes ? ? ?1.94
No ?YesYes ?9.44None.No
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog DaysBLES00604
YesYes ? ? ?3.30No ?YesYes ?6.81.7GB install.No
Karaoke Revolution Presents American Idol Encore 2BLUS30215 ? ? ? ? ?2.42No ? ? ? ?7.3No
Katamari ForeverBLES00658
YesYes ? ?Yes2.76No ?Yes ? ?13.55Can delete foreign-language movies to bring the size down to 4.3GB-ishNo
Killzone 2BCES00081
YesYesYes ? ?2.52YesYesYesYes ?14.4To load the game from external and discless, enable BD Mirror and Ext Game Data. Go into the game directory and delete all of the foreign language intro videos to free up 4GB of space. Large file over 4GB, data_ps3.psarc. Using Multiman 04.20.04, no need to BD Mirror. You can extract data_ps3.psarc using psarc plugin in Total Commander and place all folder and files under USRDIR, play without mM cache.NoYes
Killzone 3BCES01007
YesYesNo ?Yes3.55YesYesYesNo ?25.4 (2D) 44 (3D)Can delete 14GB MOVIES folder in USRDIR, after campaign completion or if you don't care about the cinematics. Game will work perfectly fine (no intro video, simple loading screens during campaign, even the credits still display). Patch update 1.9 them requires FW 3.60 Note: Files over 4 GB. In case of blurry quality (a clue is the over sized save game icon for example) return to 720p.NoYes
Killzone TrilogyBCUS98116
 ?Yes ? ? ?4.25 ? ? ? ? ?16.5 (D1) 44.4 (D2)None.No
Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 RemixBLES02070YesSee NoteNo ? ?4.25YesYes ?See NoteNo19.48 GBNote 1: If the game is on internal HDD,you can only play Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep.Kingdom Hearts 2 won't work and Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded freezes on cutscene.Note 2:There aren't going to be any updatesNo
Kingdom of Amalur ReckoningBLES01251 ?Yes ?NoYes3.73NoYesYesYesYes4.6NA and EU DLC are interchangeable.Yes
Knights ContractBLES01001
YesYes ? ? ?3.50No ?Yes ? ?19.71None.No
Kung Fu PandaBLES00243
Yes ? ? ?No2.10No ?Yes ? ?5.55None.No
Kung Fu Panda 2BLES01213
 ?Yes ? ? ?3.60No ?No ? ?1.88None.Yes
Kung Fu RiderBCES00908
YesNo ? ?No3.41No ? ? ? ?.849Internal Play Only, play from external hdd and the game will change the partition format of the external hdd.No

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