NameGame IDInternalExternalBD-MirrorDirect BootEbootfixFirmware4GB+ GameExternal CacheDisclessUpdatesDLCSize (GB)NotesTrueBlueDEX BDEMU
F1 2010BLES00917
YesYesYes ? ?3.41No ?YesYes ?4.75To play on external press Select+X.No
F1 2011BLUS30772YesYesYesNoYes3.70NoYesNo ? ?4.46 5.25Use UP4001-BLUS30772_00-F12011PFIXED0102.pkg and BD-mirror.Yes
F1 2012BLUS31014NoYesYesNoYes4.21NoNoNoYesNo6.89None.NoYes
F1 Championship EditionBCES00005YesYes ?Yes ? ?No ?Yes ? ?11.57No
F1 Race StarsBLES01715 ?Yes ? ? ?4.25No ? ? ? ?1.47None.No
Fairytale FightsBLES00696
YesYesNo ? ? ? ? ?NoYes ?5.17None.No
Fallout 3BLES00333
YesYes ? ? ?2.42No ?YesYes ?7.06None.No
Fallout 3 (Game of the Year Edition)BLES00737YesYes ?YesYes ? ? ?See NoteYesYes8.12When playing from external the game has a long initial save load time. There are different claims whether the game runs w/o disc. One user reports the game doesn't load save data, update nor DLC, another reports that it would be running just fine. direct boot with multiMAN works, allows custom background music.No
Fallout: New VegasBLES00901
YesYes ? ? ?3.41 ? ?YesYes ?9.74.5GB mandatory install. Update 1.6 uses 3.60 FW keys.No
Fallout: New Vegas (Ultimate Edition)BLES01478YesYes ? ? ?3.70 ? ?YesNo ? ?Use the eboot of the latest update for FW 3.60 of Fallout: New Vegas (non ultimate). RIOT version -GEARMAN LAUNGUAGE ONLYNo
Fallout: New Vegas (Ultimate Edition)BLES01475YesYesYes ?Yes3.70 ? ?YesNo ?13,068 GBWorks fine on rogero 4.30No
Family Guy Back To The MultiverseBLES01625 ?Yes ? ? ?4.25 ? ?Yes ? ?4.91Works fine on Rogero 4.30.No
Far Cry 2BLES00324
YesYes ?Yes ?2.42 ? ?YesYes ?4.06Purple startup screen is normal, just hit start on your controller. Issue with games from other regions won't work on SDTVs, change display settings PS3 XMB from 4:3 to 16:9 and/or use DirectBoot method MultiMan. Maybe it will work for other games with same issue? Direct boot does not load saves.No
Far Cry 3BLES01138
 ?YesNo ? ?4.25No ?YesYes ?5.81None.No
YesYesYesYesNo3.55NoNo ? ? ?3.42Works as Direct Boot or BD MirrorNo
F.E.A.R. 2: Project OriginBLES00464
YesYesYes ? ?2.52No ?NoYes ?4.05This game will boot from external as long as the bd-mirror option is enabled (Kmeaw cfw tested and confirmed).No
F.E.A.R. 3BLES00963
YesYesNoNoYes3.60NoNoNoNoNo14.2 13.08Use ebootfix.exe tool with latest 3.60 keys to decrypt the eboot for playing on 3.55 cfw. External with BD-Emu option using multiMAN EBOOT fix toolYes
Ferrari ChallengeBLES00166
YesYesNo ? ? ? ? ?YesYes ?1.43Delete foreign language .pam movie files to free up space.NoYes
FIFA 09 ?Yes ? ?Yes ? ?No ?Yes ? ? ?None.No
FIFA 10BLES00615YesYes ? ? ? ? ? ?YesYes ?9.6None.No
FIFA 11BLES01059
YesYesNoNoNo3.41No ?YesYesNo9.0
FIFA 12BLUS30809YesYesNoNoNo3.70NoNoYesYes ?8.94PSN version By EXEtrimALL Works. Also Works on TrueBlue. Save space by only installing first 2 .pkg's. 3rd .pkg is for additional languages only To play from external use this method .[also work on internal or external without need .pkg file just replace eboot.bin or param .sfo] link below:= Updates are possible, tested themYes
FIFA 13BLES01676YesYesYes ? ?4.21Yes ?YesYes ?10Use DUPLEX fix (to play external) or PROPER fix (to play internal or external). First time when run the game maybe freezes in loading screen, quit the game and run again, then should be OK.No
FIFA 14BLUS31189YesYes ? ? ?4.46No ?YesYesYes6.93No
FIFA Street 3BLES00188YesYes ? ? ? ? ? ?YesYes ?2.7None.No
FIFA StreetBLES01493YesYesYesNoYes4.01NoNoYesYes ?4.7Use Team E3 fix. [if havin issue of world tour so replace fixes or run game using BD-MIRROR] Link Below=
Fight Night ChampionBLES01039
YesYesNoYes ?3.56
NoYesYes ? ?6.6Some copies require modified eboot.bin & param.sfo.No
Fight Night Round 3BLES00026
YesYes ? ? ?1.50
No ? ? ?No4.54None.No
Fight Night Round 4BLES00538
YesYes ? ? ?2.76No ? ? ?No4.43None.No
Final Fantasy XIIIBCAS25005
YesYesNoNoYes2.80/ 3.15NoYesYesNo ?41.1Game attempts to run HD, but during Direct Boot tries to render in SD. So it can direct boot, but is unplayable. When making an Ebootfix, it may be nessiary to edit the SFO file with a hexediter and remove the trailing space on the games title, (see how to use NTFS)chapter 5.No
Final Fantasy XIII-2BLES01269
YesYesNoNoYes3.74NoYesYesNoYes14.3Fix for Patch 1.06 is available by N0DRM. DLC is region interchangeable. If you update from previous fix (nodrm fixes Casino Minigames), delete the gamedata and Profiledata first (Dont touch Save data). Then update to v1.06 and save manually once in Chrono sphere on Slot2. Exit game when it reaches Stage2, delete save1 and start the game again. Load save2 and save again in slot1; any problems regarding saving should be now gone. Gamedata with DLC v1.06: 1322MBYesYes
Fist of the North Star: Ken's RageBLES01062
YesYes ?YesNo3.50 ? ?YesNo15.7Installation to internal disk cannot be bypassed; the game forces this after its first run. Everything else runs fine.No
Fit in SixBLUS30667Yes ? ?YesYes3.41 - 3.55No ?NoNo ?1.5Replace EBOOT.BIN and UPLAYBROWSER.PPU.SELF 15mb package. Tested with multiman. Must have a disc in the drive (any) and run from disc icon in game menu (not ps3 folder icon)No
YesNoYes ? ? ? ? ?Yes ? ?14.8works on external HDD with CFW Rebug 4.80.1 and Multiman 4.80.00, when the settings 'External' and 'BD-Mirror'are flaggedNo
Formula One Championship EditionBCES00005
Yes ? ? ? ? ? ? ?No ? ?12.5Recover 5.8GB by deleting foreign language commentary and track preview movie files. Caution: Do not click X on track selection as the game will crash (no preview movie to load)No
YesYes ? ? ?2.41No ?Yes ? ?4.1Mandatory 1.9GB installNo
Front Mission EvolvedBLES00788
YesYes ? ? ? ?, 3.40Yes ?No ? ?9.67 9.43levels.psarc is 5.78GB. For external, extract levels.psarc with PSARC.exe & Both files should be in the same place the psarc file is, i.e. levels.psarc in this case. You'll have a levels folder with folders and files in. Arrange the structure so that you have one FM folder under USRDIR. In FM you must have 2 folders, COMMON and PS3. In PS3 folder you have ANIMATION, EGRAPHICS, GAMEDB, LEVELS, MOVIES, PARTICLES, SCRIPTS, SOUND, and TEXT. In COMMON you have BIN, FONTS, LEVELS, LIPSYNC, and SOUND, and a bunch of files. Delete (or move to another folder in case you need it later) levels.psarc. Delete PSARC.exe & (or move it to anther folder if you want to use it on another game). Enjoy!No
Fritz ChessBLES00559 ?Yes ? ? ? ? ? ?Yes ? ?1.0None.No
FUELBLES00570YesYesYes ? ? ?No ?Yes ? ?3.7Do not work on external without fix.No
Full Auto 2
BLES00015Yes ? ?Yes ? ?No ?Yes ? ? ?None. ?

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Folklore works on external HDD with CFW Rebug 4.80.1 and Multiman 4.80.00, when the settings 'External' and 'BD-Mirror'are flagged. Tested it today and am playing the game as we speak.

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