NameGame IDInternalExternalBD-MirrorDirect BootEbootfixFirmware4GB+ GameExternal CacheDisclessUpdatesDLCSize (GB)NotesTrueBlueDEX BDEMU
EA Sports Active 2BLES00965 ? ? ? ? ?3.50 ? ? ? ? ? ?None.No
EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis 2BLES00709YesYesNoNoYes3.73No ? ? ? ?2.7Use E3 Team Fix.Yes
EA Sports MMABLES00987YesYesYes ?No3.42No ?YesYes ?4Requires update to play the gameNo
Earth Defense Force: Insect ArmageddonBLES01214
NoYesYes ?Yes3.65
No ?No ? ?4.62Requires modified eboot.bin. Works only external with BD-MirrorNo
Eat Lead: The Return of Matt HazardBLES00495NoNoYes ?No2.60No ?Yes ? ?5.43Delete any 4 out of 5 language folders (that you dont need) in USRDIR/movies folder to gain 1.09GB space.No
Echochrome IIBCAS20133YesYes ? ? ?3.50No ?No ? ?0.4Full english language.No
El Shaddai: Ascension of the MetatronBLES01163
YesYes ? ?Yes3.60
Yes ?Yes ? ?6.72 7.30US Version requires modified eboot.bin, paps3.cpk is 4.34GB, to run from external you need to split files and use multiMAN to handle the files.(see multiMAN - User Guide)).No
Enchanted ArmsBLES00049NoYesYesNoNo1.50No ?Yes ? ?14.5Select+X(BD-Mirror) onlyNo
Enemy Territory : Quake WarsBLES00184NoYes ? ? ?2.30 ? ?NoNoNone.8.02No
Enslaved: Odyssey to the WestBLES00989
YesYesYes ? ?3.40No ?NoYes ?4.84None.No
Epic Mickey 2: The Power of TwoBLES01627YesNoYes ? ?3.60No ?NoYes ?7.39Multi, full german language support. Songs are in german language too.No
Eternal SonataBLES00444YesYesYesNoYes2.52No ?YesNone. ?10.3(1) Requires special method ( Internal et Discless with Cobra Usb ). (2) If get black screen when using External. Select Eternal Sonata in multiMAN v4, press [Square] and select "External". Works in internal with BD-Mirror and Multiman 4.No
Everybody's Golf World TourBCES00068YesYes ? ? ?2.10 ? ?YesYes ?5.73.9GB mandatory install.No
Everyone SingBLES01383 ?Yes ? ? ?4.11No ? ?No ?7.54None.No
EyePet & FriendsBCES00865 ? ?NoNoNo3.72 ? ? ?Yes ?7.98Use 1.04 patch.Yes
EyePet (not move Ed.)BCES00483YesNoNo ? ?2.76 ? ?NoYes ?7.20This version contains a 7GB file, not playable on external.No
EyePet Move EditionBCES00864 BCUS98214YesNoNoNoNo3.40YesNoNoYes ?4.27None.No

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